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Fiesta 2013 zetec review

New 2013 ford fiesta zetec.

Internets down so Here’s review while I have nothing else to do.
The company I work for has provided me with a new 2013 ford fiesta while I’m down in London. Was hoping to get a Golf and was a bit disappointed when I heard I was getting a fiesta. Had it over a week now and built up enough knowledge about this car to know I would even buy one myself.

Fiesta exterior

When the guy turned up with the fiesta the first thing I saw was the chrome grill. Maybe due to my preconceptions of the fiesta I though the chrome grill looked out of sorts and reminded me of how I felt about my parents Austin allegro that also had a silly chrome grill as if it were trying to be something it wasn’t.
Apart from that the car looked great and took me by surprise somewhat at how smart this thing looked. Even before I drove the car, I got the impression that this little car was well built. To me fords don’t always give that impression. To be honest the more I looked the more I appreciated the subtle styling’s of the body work. Quite a swish looking motor.

Fiesta Interior

Inside there was more chrome but not too much for me to hate it. I was impressed with the well thought out layout of the interior. Even though I was unfamiliar with dash everything seemed to be at my fingertips when needed.
Not sure if most hire cars are automatic but the fiesta I had was. As I was going to be stuck in London traffic for a good part of my journey I was none too pleased. Another surprise, It was not half as bad as other automatics I have driven. Gear changes were all in the right places with no lack of power. It was six speed so maybe that had something to di with the more responsive changes. It was only after a few days did I realise I could actually change the gears manually at the click of a button, which I did for 10 mins but was more than happy with the way it drove in auto so auto it stayed.

Fiesta engine

The guy who dropped the car off was banging on about the eco boost engine as if I needed to know but it all went in one ear on out the other. So I googled it. A 1.0 engine. I had been given the 125 ps version apparently. I also found out that it won the best super mini what car award I didn’t believe the hype until I drove it. It’s quite an impressive bit of kit and without knowing it before hand I would not have believed it was only a one litre. Its great off from the lights and I was itching to give it some on more open roads so I made the excuse to whip up to Stevenage to pick up some bits for work. For an engine the size of a large breads bin the eco boost engine is a real eye opener for a non car person like myself.

I love the new fiesta

Maybe I have been driving the same car for far too long and perhaps I’m easily pleased with anything in comparison to my 10 year old Civic so don’t take my word for it but this is one of the best small cars I have driven. Still not a big fan of fords never have been and never will but I will say that this fiesta is the exception to the rule. If my wife runs off with the circus I’m buying one!!

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Fiesta zetec Fiesta 2013 SKU UPC Model

Love it

Jun 06, 2013 by Phill wendle

Had mine for a few days now and I love it. The only thing I dont agree on is the layour. Its a real pain to reach the control for the blowers. Apart from that Im over the moon with it.

5.0 5.0 1 1 Had mine for a few days now and I love it. The only thing I dont agree on is the layour. Its a real pain to reach the control for the blowers. Apart from that Im over the moon with Fiesta zetec Fiesta 2013
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